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Portable vs. Standby Generators: Which is Better?

Having a generator is essential – you don’t want to lose food, business, or even just comfort due to a long-term power outage. A generator can help you maintain what you need until power is restored. One question you may have, though, is what kind of generator you...

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How to Add Curb Appeal to Your Standby Generator

We’ve been selling, installing and servicing generators since 1978, which means we’ve heard a number of worries that come with purchasing a standby generator. Many customers are rightfully worried about the appearance of the generator once it’s in their yard....

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Top Reasons Standby Generators Fail to Start

Our society is reliant on power. The availability of this continuous power helps businesses maintain operations and families continue their everyday lives even when power outages occur. More and more people are choosing to invest in standby power systems. Because...

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Making Sure Your Business is Ready For Winter

Winter is an exciting time for many retailers and other businesses – it’s often the busiest time of the year. Winter is when you make a lot of your biggest sales and have your best months. Assuming everything goes as it should, of course. If you were to lose power or...

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Three Key Benefits of Commercial Generators

Does your business have a plan for power failure? Losing power suddenly can have significant impacts on your company. Not only are employees and customers inconvenienced, but you also lose sales. You can also have significant long-term losses to your equipment and...

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Prepare Your Home for Winter

Winter in Little Rock can bring cold temperatures, ice, and even some snow. Is your home ready? There are a variety of steps you can take to help winterize your property. These tips can help you save money on heating bills, keep your home secure, keep you comfortable,...

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Do You Need Home Generator Service Before Winter?

It’s already November – where did the year go? That means that winter weather and ice is just around the corner, and it’s important to make sure your family is safe and protected in your home. Having a home generator is vital, whether you choose a portable or a...

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How to Get Excellent Service For Your Home Generator

When you buy a home generator, you buy it to protect yourself in natural disasters and other emergencies. Whether it’s bad weather, a long-term power outage, or other need, you need your generator to work when little else does. The most important thing you can do in...

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