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How Do I Know if My Generator is Overloaded?

You’ve probably heard the phrase “buy used, save the difference!” at some point while growing up, from your parents or grandparents. Used items, after all, are often perfectly good things that someone just happened to get rid of.

This is generally good advice, and lots of things really are completely fine to buy used! It really shouldn’t be viewed as a hard-and-fast rule, though– there are many instances in which buying new is a sounder financial decision.

When shopping for a generator, should you “save the difference” or go with a machine that’s fresh from the factory? Like most things, there are pros and cons to each side.

What happens when you buy a used generator?

Your experience purchasing a refurbished generator greatly depends on the supplier. A trusted supplier, who you know has checked over the machine thoroughly, made necessary repairs, and wouldn’t sell you a “lemon”, is most likely a reliable source to purchase through. 

However, refurbished or used generator sales often occur through eBay or one of the many marketplace apps available to us now. This means purchasing a generator from a stranger on the internet, which is a considerable risk to take.

Even if the seller is reliable, chances are good that a refurbished generator is not still under warranty – or if it is, the warranty might have different terms for resale purchases. For something like a generator that can be a sizable financial investment, having a warranty is highly recommended in case anything goes wrong!

Typically, you cannot tell how much a generator has been used or maintained by looking at it. When purchasing a used car, you can get a sense of wear and tear by looking at the odometer, which can at least give you a vague idea of how the car will run and how long it will last.

You might also be more likely to purchase a generator that the seller describes as “barely-used” rather than one that’s seen a lot of hours of run time. But again, if the seller isn’t someone reputable, who you know and trust, their claim of a barely-used generator might not even be truthful. You really don’t have a way of knowing.

Ultimately, a refurbished or used generator was returned or taken back for a reason. As the buyer, you cannot truly know what that reason was– which means making the investment might not be a wise financial decision. 

A used generator, even a refurbished one, will most likely need repairs and replacement parts. If the factory warranty has expired or is void due to resale, you’ll be responsible for purchasing those parts and facilitating the repairs.

In this case, buying used might not allow you to save the difference after all. In fact, it might end up costing more money than a new generator in the long run!

What are the benefits of purchasing a new generator?

A brand-new generator that’s fresh from the factory is under an ironclad warranty that keeps the customer’s investment in mind. If issues arise and the generator requires repairs or replacement parts, the factory warranty should cover those, lightening your financial burden a little.

Purchasing a new generator from a reputable vendor like Northside Power is beneficial to the buyer in several ways. New generators under factory warranty are your best bet! It’s also a good idea to purchase from folks who truly know generators, inside and out, and have the knowledge to provide insight and advice on your purchase.

A big reason why people purchase generators is the safety and comfort of their families in the event of a power failure. When that power failure happens, having a generator that’s running the way it should will give you peace of mind. If there’s ever a problem with a generator purchase from Northside Power, you can give us a call, too. 

We perform regular maintenance and offer 24/7 emergency support. In other words, we’re committed to the quality of our products for the long run – could a stranger on the internet say the same?