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Prepare for Tornado Season With a Whole Home Generator

If you’ve walked outside, it’s no secret that the weather is changing. It’s hot, it’s rainy, and the storms haven’t stopped in weeks. The most dangerous season is here in Arkansas – and that is tornado season. With the increase in tornados comes a season of rolling power outages. You can keep candles ready to light up your home, or you can get a whole home generator and leave your fears behind.

When is Tornado Season?

Tornado season starts off in April and goes through to the end of June in the United States. According to weather.com, “The US averages 1,239 tornadoes a year from 1998 to 2017. 55% of those tornadoes were between the months of April and June.” How many power outages do you think are caused by extreme weather? 87%. And when power outages happen, that means money is being lost among homes and businesses. $150 billion dollars is the annual cost in American households due to power outages. $70 billion dollars of that is due to weather-related outages.

What Can You Do To Prepare For Tornado Season?

The best way to prepare for tornado season is to install a whole-home generator so your family doesn’t have to worry about power outages. Whenever a power outage occurs, your whole-home generator will switch on the second it senses the power going out. Once the power is restored, the whole-home generator will switch off on its own. With a whole-home generator, your family can stay cool and comfortable, despite power outages. You won’t waste hundreds of dollars from your refrigerator shutting down and spoiling your food.

Benefits of a Whole-Home Generator

1. Keep Your Family Comfortable

Like we said above, whole-home generators can ensure the comfort and safety of your family. Using candles to see throughout your house is a fire hazard and just inconvenient. You can keep living your life as normal whenever you have a hwole-home generator to rely on.

2. Keep Your Family Safe

Your family will not only be comfortable whenever you have a whole-home generator to rely on, but they will also be safe. If your power is out and you go stay somewhere else to stay, you are leaving your home unattended and vulnerable to thieves. If your power stays on and you get to stay home, your home is safer. Whole-home generators also ensure that your security systems work and keep you protected.

3. Keep It Simple

Whole-home generators are efficient and they turn on and shut off automatically. These generators can run for hours on end without any sort of interruptions. We cans et your home generator up to supply electricity to whatever appliances, HVAC systems etc that you want. Or we can be sure it supplies your entire home. They will automatically power on at the first sign of a power outage and turn off as soon as power is restored as well. It doesn’t get much easier than that. 

4. Save Your Family Money

While a whole home generator can be expensive, they are more cost effective in the long run. This one-time investment will save you money by keeping your food fresh whenever your refrigerator continues to operate as it is supposed to. It will also save you money whenever you don’t have to replace frozen pipes or the water damage that can occur from frozen pipes. You also won’t have to spend money on hotels whenever the power goes out. 

If you live in Arkansas, you are going to experience power outages caused by tornado season. It is important to be prepared and put your family’s safety as your first priority. Invest in a whole-home generator and allow yourself a little peace of mind.

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