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How Much More Can Our Power Grid Handle?

America is quickly moving toward a more electrically powered future, but is the power grid up for this change? 

The increase in warmer temperatures and electricity-powered devices has already sent the grid into a tailspin, causing rolling blackouts throughout much of the country. What happens when more cars need to be plugged in rather than fueled up? 

Electric vehicles will most likely not be the death of the power grid. However, there will need to be some accommodations and upgrades made to ensure homeowners’ power won’t be affected. 

The biggest challenge for utility companies will be persuading EV owners to charge their cars at different times of the day rather than all at once in the evenings. If everyone comes home from work and immediately starts charging their vehicle at the same time, the grid could easily become overloaded.

To prevent outages, utilities in California have already started offering lower rates to EV owners who charge their vehicles in the daytime, when solar power is abundant. 

More electricity will need to be generated to keep up with the demand, but how much depends on local driving habits and the grid infrastructure. The University of Texas researched what this shift would look like in every state. The projected growth in electricity needed to keep EVs charged in Arkansas is an estimated 10%. 

Thankfully, there are options to help you and your family become more energy independent. A backup generator will keep your home powered in the event of a grid overload as well as any other power outage event.

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