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Efficient, Reliable Backup Power is More Important Than Ever Before

As the power grid evolves to include more renewable energy sources and to cope with the increasing energy demand, backup power sources are becoming more and more important.

Inevitably, the acceptance of renewable energy sources will continue to rise, but when it comes to reliable, easy to access power, renewables don’t fit the bill.

While gas and coal power plants continuously generate power, modulating the amount generated based on the demand for energy, power generation from renewables fluctuates. Mother nature is a huge limitation for both solar and wind.

This creates a discrepancy between supply and demand. Like we saw during the big Texas winter storm, if everyone is trying to warm their house up at the same time, it puts tremendous stress on the grid. And if there’s an unexpected spike in demand and a fluctuating amount of power, utilities will have to restore balance by cutting demand – with planned blackouts.

The power grid is already outdated, which is putting a strain on utilities. But when renewable sources take over the energy mix, utilities will no longer be able to quickly produce more supply by burning fossil fuels.

Backup power sources and home generators are one way you can navigate this problem. Rather than solely relying on the power grid as it undergoes these changes and finds a new balance, backup generators provide steady power when you need it.

We’re seeing the power grid falter under the weight of the future, which is causing people to second guess the grid’s ability to supply consistent, dependable energy.

At Northside Power, our passion is your power. We enjoy helping our customers find the best solution for their specific needs. We’ve even worked with customers who’ve decided to install both a home solar system and a backup generator to make sure their home’s power needs are always covered.