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Preparing Your Generator for Warmer Weather

Warmer weather is upon us, and with the change in temperatures comes the dreaded storm season. Tornadoes are going to start rolling through town soon and you want to make sure that your generator is prepared. You’ll need it to be ready to cool your home and keep the lights on when the power outages begin. A standby generator is going to keep your electricity running in the event of a power outage.

How will you ensure that your generator is prepared for these warm months?

Where is your generator located

Your generator needs to be in a place where it is easily accessible in the event of a power outage. That means, not in your basement or attic behind a bunch of junk that you’ve been meaning to throw out. Imagine having to push past all of this whenever you are completely in the dark.

Once your generator is where it is easily accessible, make sure that you keep it in a well ventilated area and away from any form of water source. If your generator is in an area that is directly hit by the sun, it can cause it to overheat and stop working. Be sure it is in a cool, dry, protected area.

Turn it on every now and then

Whether the power is out or not, you need to be sure that your generator is powered on every once in a while so that you know it is running properly. Turn it on once every month or so and let it run for about an hour so you can see if it is doing what it is meant to do. In the event that you notice it is not running properly, call Northside Power and we will send out a licensed technician to do a maintenance check.

Keep your fuel supply stocked

If the power goes out and you are out of fuel, your generator is going to be useless for you. You have to keep it fueled up to make sure that it runs properly. Make sure your fuel is not expired and that you have enough for a worst case scenario situation. That means overestimate how long you will be without power. If you aren’t sure what type of fuel your generator runs on or how to tell if it is usable or not, give us a call and we will walk you through it.

Get your generator checked out

If you’re asking yourself how often you should have your generator serviced, we recommend once a year. But to make sure that there are no minor problems that can turn into a more expensive and more serious issue, it is wise to have it inspected before the major season changes.

For more on servicing your generator, check out our blog here.

At Northside Power, we are here for your anytime, anywhere. We are more than happy to send out a technician to help you get your generator prepared for the warmer weather ahead of us. We want to help you be prepared whenever disaster strikes.

To ensure you are never left in the dark, give us a call today at (501) 315-7213 to discuss generator installation, and maintenance!