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It’s Never Too Late to Get a Whole-House Generator

Making the decision to install a whole-house generator, i.e. a standby generator that is always ready to power your entire house at a moment’s notice, is a major step toward protecting your home and family. While installing a whole-house generator may cost more than simply purchasing a portable generator, the benefits you’ll reap are priceless. For example, just the peace of mind that you will feel knowing that your home and family will be safe, warm or cooled depending on the time of year, able to charge cell phones and communicate, and having all of the comforts of home at the ready during a power outage is worth far more than any one-time cost of installation or occasional maintenance costs. 


Reasons to install a whole-house generator: 


You’ll be able to keep perishable foods safe to consume and prepare them as usual

An emergency power outage can ruin all of the food you and your family have on hand, not to mention knock out your ability to cook food and heat water. Depending on the circumstances of your power outage, traveling to procure more food or even just to get coolers and ice to save what you already have in the fridge and freezer may be challenging or even impossible. Having a whole-house generator ready to kick into action in the event of an emergency power outage will help you be sure that you and your family will have safe foods to eat for some period of time while you deal with or wait out whatever issue caused the power outage. 


You’ll be able to heat water

If you have a generator during a power outage, you’ll be able to use an electric kettle to boil water, which can help you turn emergency rations such as ramen noodles or other dried fare into edible meals for yourself and your family. 


You’ll be able to power fans during a heat wave or space heaters during a cold snap, if needed

Heat waves and winter weather events can both be brutally uncomfortable to endure, especially if you don’t have anywhere to escape the heat or warm up, respectively. Having a whole-house generator can help you be sure your home is comfortable, no matter when the power outage occurs.


You’ll be able to charge your electronic devices, especially your phone

Having a generator during an emergency power outage is critically important for you to be able to stay in touch with your family, friends, and any emergency services you may need to contact in case something goes wrong. Losing connection with family members, friends, and other loved ones, not to mention losing the ability to contact any emergency service providers, can make an emergency unnecessarily stressful and unsafe. Installing a whole-house generator will help you avoid that dire consequence, especially during summer months. 


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