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Install Confidence, Security, and Peace of Mind

With every hour the power is out for your home or business, the losses mount. A reliable, affordable standby power system from Cummins can prevent those losses and let you stay comfortable and open for business — our standby power systems keep you up and running.

Cummins generators are known for rugged, reliable power systems.

These systems are now even more customer-friendly in a line of affordable, preconfigured generators for light commercial and residential applications:

  • Automatically keeps homes and businesses running smoothly during power outages
  • Clean, quiet, and neighborhood friendly
  • Natural gas, propane, or diesel fuel options
  • Web-based remote monitoring
  • Email reminders for service and regularly scheduled maintenance
Want to learn more about Cummins and see if a Cummins unit is a right fit for your power needs? Contact us today!
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