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Whole Home Surge Protection Now Required by National Electric Code - What Are Your Options?

The new 2020 National Electric Code (NEC) includes a wide range of updates. But one of the more substantial changes is the addition of a new Section 230.67, which requires the installation of a surge-protective device (SPD) for all dwelling unit service entrances. 

Under this new requirement, all systems installed in new construction homes, as well as any replaced electrical equipment and systems, must incorporate Type 1 or Type 2 SPDs. 

Both types of SPDs are permanently connected and protect against external and internal surges. However, a Type 1 SPD may be installed inside or outside the home, while a Type 2 SPD is installed in or next to the breaker box.

As their name suggests, SPDs protect your home against power surges. A power surge is a temporary overvoltage event that can damage your electrical devices. Power surges commonly cause the failure of electrical equipment.

The National Electrical Manufacturers Association estimated that the average home has $15,000 worth of equipment that can be damaged by surges. It’s also estimated that 80% of surges are caused by internal sources. 

Examples of internal sources are: large appliances turning on / off, faulty wiring or loose connections, overloaded circuits, short circuits or ground faults, and power recovery. 

Examples of external sources are: lightning, damage to power lines, and utility power grid switching. 

Like anything else, not all SPDs are created equally. Some better protect your home than others. So, how do you know which SPD is right for your home?

At Northside Power, we want our customers to have the best products available. We keep plenty of VR-120 Series surge protectors in stock at our warehouse because we believe they offer exceptional protection against all types of power surges. 

The VR-120 series is ideal for main panels and transfer switches and is perfect for both residential and commercial buildings. 

Some highlights that make this specific surge protector stand out to us are its:

  • Gas discharge tube, which eliminates Metal Oxide Varistor leakage, extending the life of the surge protector and protected equipment
  • Lifetime warranty on single phase and 25 year warranty on 3 phase
  • Audible alarm that tells you when the SPD needs to be replaced. This allows for installation anywhere, including the line side of the service entrance panel

Surge protectors are a great way to protect your investments in both your home and business. If you want to have the best protection possible, we recommend the VR-120 Series, which we have available at our warehouse.

You can reach us at 501-315-7213 to see about purchasing a surge protector, or for any questions you might have!