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Thinking About Solar? Consider a Backup Generator, Too

There’s no question that solar energy is taking off, and with the extended tax incentives, more and more homeowners are installing solar panels on their rooftops.

While solar is a great option for those who want to reduce their carbon footprint and live more sustainably, it’s important to consider what you’ll do for power if your solar panels aren’t working for any reason.

All Arkansans have witnessed the craziness that is Arkansas weather. One day it will be bright and sunny, and the next, it will be overcast and gloomy. Solar panels are a great source of energy, except when there’s no sun around to charge the panels. And although solar battery backup storage systems can help increase your energy independence, nothing really allows you to be as energy independent as a home generator.

A backup generator will be there, ready to turn on and power your home, whether it’s due to inclement weather or just because you need a little more energy to get you through the day. Relying solely on the electric grid today can be scary and disappointing. A home generator can help you reach your goal of energy independence more reliably.

There’s also a misconception that solar panels tied to the electric grid will continue producing electricity, even when the grid itself goes out. Grid-tied solar panels send electricity to utility lines, meaning in the event of an outage, the solar panels go out when the grid does to prevent any harm or injury to utility workers fixing the lines.

The majority of solar homes are grid-connected, but a backup generator has no reliance on the grid whatsoever, maximizing your energy independence. If you’ve been considering solar, it’s smart to consider a home generator as well.

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