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Why Spring is the Perfect Time to Focus on Installing a Backup Generator

January 13, 2021

When you hear others talk about home standby generators, you’re typically told the same story about how their power went out during the last big ice storm and their generator flipped on to save the day.


While winter is an extremely important time to have a backup generator for your home, most people fail to remember to purchase their generator before the next big ice storm.

Generators are a great investment to make because they aren’t a seasonal purchase. Home generators are needed throughout the entire year, no matter what the weather looks like.

As the seasons change, different circumstances can cause the power to get shut off. Here’s why the spring season is a great time to get your ducks in a row and make the big purchase:
We all know the saying, ‘April showers bring May flowers’, and it’s absolutely true. During the springtime, we often get a lot of rain showers and thunderstorms, which can cause power outages. It’s wise to have a backup generator in place for when these storms occur.

Getting a standby generator in the springtime also allows you to have backup power during the summertime. Most people tend to forget that power outages still occur during the summer, which is typically when some of the most miserable outages we endure occur.

The power grid can get overheated during the summer, especially with the increase in people running their air conditioners, causing the grid to shut down. Plus, here in the south, we’re all familiar with heat storms causing outages.

In June, July, and August, the average Little Rock temperature is between 89 and 93, meaning without power and the ability to run your AC, you’re probably going to be pretty miserable, and the food you have stored in your refrigerator won’t make it very long without power.

To prevent losing your cool as well as your groceries and other necessities, having a generator technician install a home standby generator before the summer months is the best
preventative measure you can take against power outages.

If you have any questions about home generators or which size would be best suitable for your home and family’s needs, give us a call at 501-315-7213. We would be happy to walk you through the process and make sure you have power no matter what happens!