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Why Employees Who Work Remotely Need a Standby Generator

April 30, 2019

The ability to work from home is one of the many opportunities technology has created. So many people, even if they’re not self-employed, work remotely nowadays. This begs the question, what will they do during a power outage?

Standby generators are great for anyone who wants to avoid the inconveniences that power outages cause, but they’re especially smart investments for those who have a home office.


Let’s talk about the ways a home standby generator can protect not only your home, but your home office as well:


Maintaining connection

With a backup generator, if your home loses power, you won’t be disconnected from your customers or employer for very long. As soon as the backup generator kicks on, you’ll still have connection to the internet and any software required to keep your home office functioning.


It’s a good possibility that most of your neighbors and surrounding businesses have also lost power. So, even if there’s a coffee shop nearby that you often visit to take care of some work, they most likely won’t have internet either. A standby generator will keep you in uninterrupted contact with your customers or employer, which in return, will keep your business running smoothly.


Keeping your employer happy

If you’re given the opportunity to work remotely, you definitely don’t want to do anything to change your employer’s mind. Losing power means losing time, which is the first step to ticking off your boss.


Let’s say you live a long distance away from the office or in another state completely. This means that if you lose power, there’s a good chance the office will still have power. While those in the office are carrying on as normal, you’ve lost all means to continue your work.


Backup generators take away all of the risks of working remotely. There’s no longer a need to worry about a power outage messing up your schedule and making you miss an important deadline.


Peace of mind

It’s no surprise that self-employed workers, whether freelancer or business owner, are 10X as stressed as the average employee. You have so much on your plate and are 100 percent in charge of the money you bring in for you and your family.

A power outage can add on to that stress and cause your already chaotic schedule to become completely full. If all of the food in your fridge spoils because of a power outage, that’s just one more thing you have to worry about. If a power outage causes the pipes in your house to freeze and burst, that’s even more money you have to come up with that you weren’t prepared for.


With a standby generator you can have peace of mind, which is worth a lot.


Power outages are a nuisance for everyone, but for self-employed men and women, they have the potential to mean lights off for their paychecks.