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Why Buy Briggs & Stratton Generators?

July 22, 2019

If you’re interested in a high-quality standby generator, you might wonder what brand to consider. There are a lot of options on the market, but only a few brands really stand out. When you choose a generator, you want to make sure you choose a reliable brand that is known for excellent quality.

One of the biggest names are Briggs & Stratton generators. They offer a variety of products from portable units to high-quality standby power. At Northside Power, we proudly offer and service The Fortress line of Briggs & Stratton products.


Here’s why we believe in them so strongly!


A Standby Generator Has a Lot of Benefits

Having a standby generator is a great investment. Briggs & Stratton generators allow you to have confidence and stay comfortable in any kind of weather, from cold ice storms to thunderstorms. You’ll also be protected from those “freak” power outages, like when a squirrel chews through a power line.


If you don’t have power, you could spend hundreds getting a hotel room, replacing spoiled food, or handling water damage that occurs when the sump pump doesn’t work. Sump pumps need electricity!


Some home insurers also give discounts for a standby generator, because they know that the home will not be as vulnerable to theft during a weather event. Your security system and lights will still work, which helps keep you safe.


Finally, when you sell a home that has a standby generator unit, you may find that homeowners are more interested than they would be otherwise. It may help you get a higher sales price or sell your home more quickly. 


Briggs & Stratton Has Over a Century of Experience

Briggs & Stratton has been providing power for over 110 years, and that experience means they’ve developed a lot of best practices that make it easy to trust the quality of their products. The company also has a strong commitment to innovation and new technology, so the Briggs & Stratton generators you choose from are always top of the line.


When you choose The Fortress Line from Northside Power, you’ll also get a better-than-standard warranty. The manufacturer offers a 6-year limited warranty, but we offer 10 years! That’s the longest warranty in the industry, so you know that we stand behind the product.


Even better, The Fortress unit is equipped with an oil warmer that helps the generator start quickly and easily, even when the temperature is lower than 30 degrees. 


Briggs & Stratton Generators Are a Great Choice 

If you’re looking for a high-quality standby generator that can easily power your whole home, look no further than Briggs & Stratton generators. The Fortress units are available with power loads from 10kW all the way up to 60kW. 


Whether your home is smaller or you have a luxury high-tech home or need commercial power, The Fortress generator is ready to provide everything you need.


At Northside Power, we not only sell and install Briggs & Stratton generators, we also have service technicians and offer comprehensive maintenance plans. Contact us to see how we can serve you today!