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Who Takes Care of Your Residential Generators?

August 3, 2018
If you buy your residential generators from a big box store, you may have no idea who’s going to take care of them.
In fact, because there’s no service plan, you may assume they don’t need maintenance!

That’s far from the truth. In fact, generators have regular maintenance plans, and if they aren’t followed, the machine may fail exactly when you need it.

Discover the power of having a local company care for your generator equipment.


Local Companies Care

When you buy residential generators from a local company like Northside Power, we’re active in your community. We’re not just planning to take your money and run.

Instead, we care about each individual and family that buys our products. That’s why we’re proud to maintain a full staff of factory trained service technicians, with fully stocked service trucks.

If you buy from a big box store, you aren’t in contact with anyone who personally cares for you or the function of the machine. At best, you’ll end up talking to someone in customer service, and hopefully, they’ll understand the generators enough to help you.

At worst, you’ll end up with uncaring staff who refer you to a faceless website or 800 number. You may never get your questions answered.


High-Quality Products That Are Right For You

Buying from a big box store is a gamble. You aren’t sure if you’re getting the right size generator for your needs, and you don’t know for sure if the brand is high-quality.

If you’re wrong, you won’t know until there’s an emergency. That’s not a great time to discover that your generator isn’t big enough for your power needs!  

As a local company, Northside Power is committed to helping you choose the right generator for your situation. We will provide you a free power assessment to determine your standby generator requirements, and help you decide on the residential generators that are right for you.

There’s nothing like the peace of mind that comes from knowing you have the right generator, installed correctly, and ready for any power emergency.


Stay Warm and Safe Until Power is Restored

If a storm is coming, are you worried about whether your generator is in good condition? Are you trying to remember the last time you had the machine serviced, or wondering whether you have enough gas?

With the friendly, caring staff at Northside Power, you can rest easy. We have residential generators for a variety of situations, including whole-home generators that run on propane. Don’t worry anymore if you live in rural areas that are often the last to get power back. With the right generator, you can have all the power you need until the storm passes and repairs are made.


Keep Your Residential Generators in Great Shape With Local Service

You can’t just buy residential generators from any store and expect them to work a year or more later when there’s a bad storm. You need to keep them going with regular maintenance and care, and that care come from a local company.

Northside Power has been serving Arkansas proudly since 1978. We’re excited to be the top Generac dealer in Arkansas, and we would love to serve you as we serve others in our communities. Contact us today!