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Why a Towable Generator is a Good Option for Your Power Needs

October 17, 2017

Most people don’t appreciate the value of a towable generator until there’s a power failure, or a disaster strikes.

But a generator is a very good investment, because it’s an efficient source of alternative power for the home, as well as for hospitals, businesses, construction sites, and more. However, not all generators are the same, and the towable generator is somewhat different from the rest.  

What is a Towable Generator?

A towable generator is a mobile machine that is trailer-mounted for ease of movement and storage.  When you think of a generator, chances are a machine mounted in a specific place is the first thing that comes to mind. But that’s a lot different from a towable generator, because it’s a portable machine that can be towed wherever you need it.  

Why it’s a Good Option

There are times when a stationary generator is simply not the right option for your needs. A towable generator is portable, so you can take it wherever power is needed the most.  This makes it a sensible choice for an event that needs power to run lighting and equipment, for a remote location or construction site. It is also very handy after a natural disaster such as a hurricane or flood, when you need to get power up and running quickly.

When it comes to fuel, a towable generator is extremely versatile, because it can be powered by gasoline or diesel fuel. Also, some models have the capability to operate on natural gas or propane once a conversion kit is installed. However, this type of conversion should only be done by a certified generator repair technician.

It is also a good option because it’s a lot quieter than other generators.  It’s therefore ideal for use in densely populated areas with zoning laws that require that noise be kept to a minimum.   

When you buy a towable generator you know you’re getting a durable unit that can withstand the rigors of a rugged environment, and will also provide service when you need it. This makes it a great choice for tough construction sites that must have reliable power.

A towable generator is a high performance machine that is powerful enough to endure heavy power loads. Some generators are not engineered to handle high-demand power, and this can be disastrous, especially in emergency situations. However, the towable generator always responds when required.

Ease of operation is another nice feature of the this generator, because you can get it up and running in no time. All you have to do is tow it to the destination and then connect the load. Once that’s done you can turn it on and get the power supply going.   

Whether you’re buying or renting a generator, reliability is essential, and that’s precisely what you get with a towable generator. If you need steady, reliable power in an emergency, for a special event, or you simply want to be prepared for that unexpected power failure, a towable generator is the ideal choice.