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3 Benefits of Having a Towable Generator

January 11, 2018
Whether it is caused by a major ice storm or a fallen power line, power outages are a reality for businesses in central Arkansas

It’s not a matter of IF the power will fail, it’s better to plan for WHEN it fails.

Depending on your business, a towable generator might be the perfect solution to keep your team up and running during a power outage.

At Northside Power, we know the value a generator can bring to your business during a power outage. We help businesses find the right emergency power solutions for their services and their budget. If a towable generator sounds like a wise investment, contact us: https://northsidepower.com/contactus/

1. Mobility

Towable generators are always ready to go. If you own a business that does not operate in one central location, a towable generator will be much more beneficial to your business than a stationary one. Your team can take power wherever they need it.

Towable generators are great for construction companies, repairmen, and more.

2. Little disturbance to the surrounding areas.

Generators are noisy. Especially during a power outage when the buzz of lights and other sounds of electricity are silent. Towable generators are encased inside a metal enclosure. This is to ensure the machine is safe from the elements. This metal enclosure also reduces noise pollution.

3. It’s a smart investment.

A stationary generator can only service the building it is installed for. A towable generator can provide service wherever needed. Instead of buying several generators to sit inactive, buy a towable generator that will get your power where you need it when you need it.

During a power outage, the generators sold at big-box stores go pretty quick. You’ll thank yourself for having a convenient power solution on hand, ready to go.