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Three Myths About Buying at a Big Box Store

August 3, 2018

When you think about getting the best products at the best price, do you assume you need to go to a big box store?

Whether buying generators or groceries, many Americans do.

It’s understandable because they believe some of the popular myths about buying from big box stores. Dispelling these myths can help you understand why it’s important to support local companies – not just for your community, but so that you can get the products and service you deserve.


Myth #1: You’ll Get Better Value at a Big Box Store

Big retailers can sometimes – but not always – offer a better price on generators or other items that you can find at a local store. There’s a reason for this, though – and it has nothing to do with value.

The truth is that the reason that big box stores can offer low prices is that they often import lower-quality items. These items are often foreign-made, and working conditions can be awful.

Once you pay your money, the profits are sent to a corporate headquarters out of state. You saved a couple of dollars, but your items are likely to be low-quality and your money is heading straight out of your community.


Myth #2: Big Box Stores Offer the Same Customer Service as Local Stores

When you buy something, you expect that if you have problems someone at the store will help you. That’s certainly reasonable! Unfortunately, with many big box stores, it’s far from the case.

The reality is that if you buy something – from generators to tools – from a large store, they are unlikely to help you. Instead, you’ll be referred to the manufacturer through a website or 800 number.

This can lead to an endless runaround. You’re never talking to someone in person! You may have to leave a message, pay for postage, and much more.

Getting your problems resolved when you shop local is much easier. The store owner is a member of your community and has a strong motivation to make you happy. They want you to recommend the store to your friends and family!

At a local store, you can talk to someone in person. There’s no need to worry about the hassle. We know you and we’re here to serve you.


Myth #3: Big Box Stores Give Locals Jobs

You may reason that a larger store can employ more people, so certainly they’re better for your community than smaller local businesses.

Unfortunately, that’s not the case. In their effort to keep costs low and offer low prices, these big box stores generally underpay workers. Workers who cannot make a living wage at the big box store will need other jobs as well. One person working multiple jobs means less work for others, not more.

Should someone work full-time and still need welfare? If you’re answer is no, you have a good reason to support local stores.


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