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These 4 Worries are Completely Normal When Purchasing Your First Generator

January 10, 2019

Home generators are a great backup power source for when the sweltering summer heat blows the power grid out or an ice storm knocks your local power lines down. So, why does it feel like such a complicated and stressful decision?

Well, mostly because it is. There are so many things to research when it comes to getting a generator for your home. Here are a few normal worries you may be having right now while trying to pick out a home generator:


This is a huge purchase. Do I really need a generator?

Generators can be extremely costly. They’re big machines that have to pick up all of the slack when power lines are out, which means it’s not cheap to have one properly installed. It’s normal to hesitate and put off any purchase due to money; generators are no exceptions.


The good news? Generators are costly because they’re a great solution to otherwise sitting in the dark, freezing in the winter and sweating like crazy in the summer. Picture this: a massive storm comes through, knocking the powerlines out for weeks. If you don’t have a generator, your best solution will be running to the nearest hotel that has power. Instead of spending money you didn’t expect to shell out for a crummy hotel room, why not save up for a better solution that will keep you comfortable in your own home no matter what?


What size/type of generator do I even need?

Once you decide that a generator is well worth the money, it’s time to decide what size/type of generator you need. This can cause a frantic googling frenzy, so hold tight! Before you start wearing your keyboard out, we have a serviceman who can come out, look at your house and tell you the perfect fit for you.


I don’t know anything about the installation process.

Okay, so you caved in and decided to purchase your first home standby generator. Congrats! But, because of the above statement, you researched and found a generator for cheaper. The only problem? You have to install said generator and have no clue what that entails.


There’s more good news yet again. Northside Power might cost you more upfront, but they will most likely save you money and time in the long run. We understand that not everyone gets all goo goo eyed over a powerful generator. That’s why we take all of the research, stress, and worry about the installation process off your hands. Plus, because generators are more expensive than the average purchase, we want it to be installed correctly so you get your money’s worth.


This is an engine and engines need upkeep and I’m starting to freak out!

A generator needs to be regularly serviced just like your car, and while regular service checks can be pretty annoying, they don’t have to be. Not only do we provide you with the best generator for your needs and install your generator, but we also provide service options as well. Without regular oil changes and checks, you run the risk of being caught in a storm with a generator that refuses to start. Regularly scheduled services help you get the most out of your home generator.


It’s normal to have a million questions, but at Northside Power, we’re here to answer them! Give us a call at 501-315-7213 and we’ll be more than happy to walk you through the process.