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Selling your home? Here’s why you Should Mention your Standby Generator:

May 13, 2019
High ceilings. Granite countertops. A gorgeous tile backsplash. A large farmhouse sink. A spacious garage. And a home standby generator.

These are all luxury features found in high-end homes in 2019 according to The Wall Street Journal. That’s right, standby generators made the list.

The more high-end amenities your home features, the more buyers your home will attract. A home standby generator can help protect some of your home upgrades all while increasing your home’s value.

Statistics show you will likely recoup 54% of the cost of your standby generator within a year, and since a generator also adds value to your home, a backup generator is really an investment that keeps on giving.


Buyers will be looking at similar homes in surrounding neighborhoods, so it’s important that you have something that gives you an edge over your competitor. While fixer-uppers are still extremely common, a lot of buyers today are looking for move-in ready homes. And what home is more move in ready than one complete with a backup standby generator?


Major renovations are only logical for a specific portion of homebuyers. Most people want to enjoy their weekends exploring their new city instead of spending their weekends struggling to complete the next renovation project.


A standby generator could be the deciding factor when it comes down to either your home or the one down the street. While a home generator is a large investment, it has much better value and ROI to a prospective home buyer than either a portable generator or no generator at all.



If you’ve been thinking about getting a residential generator but aren’t sure which size to get for your home, give us a call at 501-315-7213. We’ll be happy to send out one of our certified technicians to provide a free estimate and explain all of your backup power options.