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Ring in the New Year by Protecting Your Home from Power Outages

January 1, 2018

The New Year is a time to create resolutions and start out with a clean slate, but how many of our resolutions do we actually end up keeping? This year make a resolution you can keep!

Give your family peace of mind about your home’s power by having a reliable standby generator installed. This is an investment that provides you with a trouble and worry-free transition the next time a storm or power outage occurs.

Why a standby generator?

Is a standby generator really a necessity in Arkansas?

Although Arkansas doesn’t see a lot of cold weather and ice storms, when we do get ice, it has a long-lasting effect on the power lines. What would be considered normal in a state that sees snow regularly, completely shuts Arkansas down. When the power goes out and your neighbors are left in the dark, your house will shine a light on the power of a backup generator. A standby generator is something you can count on to keep your family warm during the winter months.

Is the purchase worth it just for the winter?

When people think about power outages, they usually think about the winter storms that cause blackouts. But, the summer months can cause drastic damage to the power grid as well. As more heat rolls in, blackouts do too. The power grid can easily become overwhelmed as everyone attempts to cool their houses down. As temperatures climb during the summer, your standby generator will prevent your air from being shut down.

Why Northside Power?

As the largest Generac dealer in Arkansas, we offer top of the line equipment and are 100 percent committed to providing power to our customers. Not only do we offer great equipment, we also provide preventative maintenance to keep your equipment operating at its best.

Your safety, convenience, and peace of mind is our number one priority. So far, we’ve installed 6,274 generators, preventing 301,152 hours of potential power loss. We will come out and assess your standby generator requirements and review the installation process for free with absolutely no obligation to complete the installation. We want you to be able to make an educated decision about the type and size of generator that best meets your needs without pressure from us. Give Northside Power a call today at 501-315-7213 and let us provide you with constant power.

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