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Northside Power and Cummins Both Have Impressive Business Narratives

March 27, 2019

Northside Power has a long history of working with generators, and Greg Nalley says he is proud of that heritage. In fact, it’s a similar heritage that powers Cummins.

Cummins first began turning challenges into opportunities in 1919 when Clessie Cummins was named Company President. Since then, the company has been a top innovator in the generator industry. Like Cummins, Northside has changed the way people think about generators.

In the early 1900s, Greg Nalley’s great-grandfather, George Grant, was an automotive electrician who worked on the dynamo generators of cars. After opening his own automotive shop, where he worked on all of the electrical components of cars, he passed his business down to George Grant Jr., who kept the company running until his death. The automotive shop was still open in 1979, and Greg and Brian nalley opened their own business specializing in heating and air as well as electrical work in 1978.

When Northside installed their very first generator in the early 1980s, Greg became fascinated with the idea of home standby generators. The brothers split their business in 1990, with Brian running the heating and air part of the business and Greg handling the electrical work.

When Greg decided to narrow his company’s focus to only selling and installing standby generators, everyone who heard his new business idea said that he was crazy. Nobody would buy a generator for their house.

Today, Northside Power has a full staff of factory-trained service technicians and fully-stocked GPS-tracked trucks. The company has installed 6,329 generators to date and potentially prevented 303,792 hours of power loss for their customers.

Both Cummins and Northside Power have 100 years of experience in paving the way for the generator business. Both companies are committed to providing their customers with the best service possible, and because Northside Power is a licensed Cummins dealer, the two companies have a bright future of leading the generator business together.