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Why You Should Use a Local Business For Your Residential Generator

July 19, 2018

Northside Power has been operating in central Arkansas since 1978. Over the years we’ve seen how much Little Rock benefits when local business succeeds and grows.

Today, we specialize exclusively in generators for homes and other small businesses. We know our customers will receive quality service and the best prices when they choose to install their residential generator or commercial generator with us.

Here are a few things we have learned about buying local and choosing to work with local businesses.


  • Big box corporations profit by offering low-quality services and products. They are less interested in the welfare of the community and often don’t see how their business affects the lives of the communities they operate in. They are more likely to cut their losses than they are to try and remedy a mistake.


  • In contrast, a local business owner is pursuing their dreams of owning a business and working in a field they love. They live in the community they provide service for. Their work and the quality of their customer experience affects their everyday life.  


  • Every time you spend your money on services and goods from a local business you are putting money back into the community. A larger percent of the sales tax from local businesses go to the local government. This improves our parks, our roads, and supports fire departments and police departments.


  • When you shop local you are investing in your own property as well. As local business prosper and the community gets healthier, the value of your home goes up. Families want to move to a community with vibrant energy and a good economy.


  • When you work with a local business, you know who to expect to show up at your door when your generator needs servicing. You can expect fast service from a company operating nearby your home. Should there be a problem, you can call and talk to a real person.


  • Local businesses create local jobs. A good job market is crucial to the wellbeing of a community. A local business run and owned by a family is much more likely to provide a healthy and safe work environment for their employees than a big box company is. They see how the decisions they make as a company directly impact the lives of their employees. A large, national corporation is usually run by a board of directors. Decisions are made based on finances and stock predictions.