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Is it Really That Important to Purchase Your Standby Generator from a Certified Dealer?

April 16, 2019

Before you invest in a standby generator, you’ll probably do a lot of research on generators themselves, the manufacturers, and the local dealers who sell them. You’ll probably find out that it’s initially cheaper to buy a generator from someone other than a reputable servicing dealer. But chances are, that option will actually end up costing you a lot more in the long run.

When you buy a home standby generator, it will eventually have some minor issues. If you don’t buy your home standby generator from a reputable, certified dealer, you have three options when the power goes out:


  1. Call a servicing dealer and hope they can fit you into their already busy schedule.
  2. Call the factory who will most likely refer you to the servicing dealer you just got off the phone with.
  3. Call the person who installed it who won’t be able to fix the issue unless they are a servicing dealer who offers 24/7 service.
  4. Sit in the dark because you decided to take a few shortcuts.


While researching what home standby generators do, how they function, and the different manufacturers that make them is extremely important, the best homework you can do is on the authorized servicing dealers around you. Check the factory websites to make sure the business you’re considering is listed as an authorized servicing dealer. If you can’t find the business on the factory’s website, it’s probably in your best interest to continue your search. Keep in mind that if you have the wrong person repair your unit, even if it’s under the manufacturer’s warranty, you may be on the hook for the cost of the repairs.


If your generator needs servicing after hours, only a certified servicing dealer that sold and installed your unit will cover the cost of 24/7 service. Northside Power takes great pride in repairing units they’ve sold and installed and will happily cover the after-hours warranty for their customer’s true peace of mind. Northside has also pioneered GPS monitoring technology that will report the condition of your standby unit to the office. This is an industry game changer; we now know immediately if there’s an issue during the unit’s weekly exercise and can schedule the repair before a major storm or outage hits.


All warranties are not created equally. Some manufacturers have 5-year limited warranties, so make sure you’re aware of those limitations. A knowledgeable dealer will take the time to explain the differences in warranties. Extended warranties are available from all manufacturers and depending on your situation, may be a good solution.


Before purchasing such a large investment, make sure you know who you’re buying from. Online reviews are helpful, but they may not be a true reflection of everything you need to know. Ask questions and go with the dealer that takes the time to explain everything. Forge a relationship with that business, and have the unit serviced regularly. Buying a home standby generator is one of those purchases where you should be making new friends, from the technician that designs the system, to the install technicians, to the office staff that takes care of your needs.


At Northside Power, you become part of our family.