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How a Commercial Standby Generator Can Help Your Retail Business

February 19, 2019

Severe weather events are happening more and more frequently, and as a business owner, you need to be ready for anything.

Do you know how you would keep your business running if a power outage lasted several hours – or several days? Certainly, the kind of portable generator a homeowner might have the garage will not be enough.

A commercial standby generator can be a lifesaver if your power goes out. It can help you continue serving customers, keep your store location open, and avoid significant income loss.

Here are the benefits of having a generator for your retail store!

Keep Your Store Bright and Inviting

People don’t come to a store location that seems closed or looks suspicious in some way. Your customers want to feel welcomed, and they also need to be safe.

That means that your whole store – including exterior lighting – needs to be operational during an outage. A commercial standby generator can provide you with enough power to be just as cheery during a power interruption as it is at any other time.

Avoid Theft During a Storm

When there are problems with power, thieves may strike because they sense weakness. Keep in mind that theft is almost always a spur-of-the-moment decision – only 3% of retail thieves are professional.

Avoid having customers or even employees see a blackout as an opportunity to get a “five finger discount” by having your power come back on in seconds.

What’s more, having a commercial standby generator keeps your security cameras, anti-theft alarms, and more operational. This also helps deter and prevent theft.

Keep Customers and Staff Comfortable

You want to stay open during a power interruption, but it’s hard to keep your employees at work and productive if your store is extremely uncomfortable.

Your customers aren’t likely to stick around if shopping in your store isn’t comfortable either. Having a commercial standby generator to keep your AC and heating units working is essential to staying open and keeping your revenue moving.

People Need You During an Outage!

If there’s a power outage – especially if it lasts hours or days – people need supplies. They need batteries, water, and flashlights. Where are they going to get it?

From your store!

Being open during a blackout isn’t just about your revenue. It’s about serving the people in your community who don’t have power and need a quick trip to the store for supplies, snacks, and more.

Being available in these situations will be remembered, and it can help you gain new customers that will come in year-round.

Get the Commercial Standby Generator Your Store Needs

You don’t want to have to close your store if the power goes out. You also don’t want to face lost revenue for days on end if the utility has trouble getting things going again.

You need a commercial standby generator. There are a lot of options – you may not need the most-expensive bells-and-whistles version. But that doesn’t mean you can go without.

Your community needs you to be open. Your staff needs the ability to work. Let us help you ensure the power never goes out. Contact us for more information today!