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Home Burglary Facts Every Homeowner Should Know

July 8, 2018

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Most home security systems continue to function on batteries when the power goes out. However, lights, televisions, and radios are more of a theft deterrent than you would think.

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What will keep a thief away?

Security cameras are a good theft deterrent. The would-be thief sees the cameras and decides on a different house. A thief will also not rob a home if they think the owners are home. They will often knock on the door first before attempting to break in. If they hear the sound of a television or a radio in the background, they are likely to assume someone is home.

This is why standby natural gas generators are recommended for homes that are more susceptible to burglary. If the power goes out, your home will continue to function, clearly stating that someone is home.


When do burglaries happen?

Burglars don’t want anyone to be home when they break in. Most home burglaries happen during weekdays between 10:00AM and 5:00PM. On average, it takes a thief 10 minutes to grab valuables and leave the home.

It is likely that the thief lives within two miles of your home. So they can easily become familiar with your routines and habits. Most home burglars are around 25 years of age and are substance abusers.


What will they steal?

Successful thieves take, on average, about $2,000 worth of valuables from the houses they rob. They are looking for easy-to-pawn items, cash, prescription drugs, electronics, and jewelry. The first place a home burglar looks for valuables is the master bedroom. Most of us keep valuables we don’t want to lose in our sock drawers. This habit has become all too common.

Think of creative places to hide your valuables. If you are considering installing a safe, get one that will be bolted to the foundation of your home.


Who are the most common victims of home burglaries?

Unfortunately, the elderly are the most common age group to be targeted for home burglary. Having a dog, even if it is the sweetest dog in the world, significantly decreases the likelihood that the home will be robbed. Dogs may not all be dangerous, but they will sound the alarm and make the burglary more difficult.

Thieves are opportunistic. Sometimes even the slightest indication that the home will be difficult to rob will cause them to look elsewhere.