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Are Generators on Your Wishlist?

November 30, 2017

Generators can mean a lot of things these days, but it usually describes a product that produces some sort of usable energy.

That energy can be produced as steam or electricity, but in this case we’re talking about the latter. In today’s world it seems like we are always connected through a screen. When was the last time you had a day without looking at your phone? It’s not uncommon for TVs to be on in the background when you’re out with friends at bars, restaurants, or even at home. The same wires that connects lights are the same ones connected to the refrigerator, which are the same ones that are charging your phone. We have come so far that we can transport this energy almost anywhere we go, and keep it anytime with the use of generators. And to be frank, we’re very good with them here at Northside Power.

Power at Remote Locations

Do you have an outdoor event? Need to get work done at a site, but the Sun is going down?  Have you seen spotlights that circle around in the air? It’s usually a movie theater, a red carpet event, or we’re trying to signal Batman. Having a towable generator around can be useful for anyone in charge of bringing the party, and keeping it lit (that’s what the kids are saying these days). You will see these types of generators powering light towers that you see on construction sites at night, but they’re not just limited to roadside work. You will benefit the most when you need lots of power for extended periods of time. Food trucks, sound stages, and loud speakers are just some of the high demand energy problems that can be solved with a towable generator.  

Power at Home

Living in Arkansas, we are prone to inclement weather at any time. Snow and ice storms are just around the corner, and we don’t get a break in the spring and summer time when tornadoes come. The last thing you would want in these wraths of nature is to be stranded without power. If you’re a precautionary type, home standby generators can help you sleep at night. Professionally installed by our staff it will detect when your power cuts out, and will automatically turn on by itself. Unlike portable generators that emits harmful fumes, these generators run on your home’s gas line, and you can run it danger-smell free!

Power at the Office

There is nothing that is “too big” to be powered. What if you are at work when your office building gets hit with a power outage? Commercial standby generators can be activated just as well. The size is much bigger because the demand of output is much higher. There won’t be a loss of time, data, or efficiency when you have the safety net of these bad boys at your office.