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Generac Generators | 4 Benefits For Your Small Business

May 17, 2018

Are you considering Generac generators for your small business?

At Northside Power we’ve helped businesses all over central Arkansas keep their power on during power outages. Many business owners find that the cost of a generator is often returned through new clients, business continuity during a power outage, and more.

Northside Power is a certified Generac dealer in central Arkansas.

1. Your small business will look prepared.

Potential clients will see you’ve invested in a Generac generator to responsibly prepare your business for a power outage. They might be more inclined to work with you if they know your services will be available during a power outage.

Generac Generators show potential clients and customers that you think ahead. If you are prepared for something as mundane as a power outage, you are probably also prepared for other disruptions.

2. Should you consider Generac generators for your small business?

To help decide if your small business would benefit from a Generac generator, consider how much a power outage will cost you. Wintertime causes Arkansas homes and places of business to lose power frequently and for an extended amount of time.

If your small business has an increased workflow during the wintertime due to holidays, a generator will be largely beneficial.

3. Consider the safety of your employees.

Power outages are inconvenient. Depending on the kind of business you own, they could also be dangerous. Most heavy pieces of equipment have safety features to prevent accidents in the event of a power outage. What about lights? If your employees are working, leaving the building, or arriving at the building at night, floodlights are essential for their safety. A generator will direct power to the most essential lighting to keep your employees safe.

4. Generac generators and generator services are more affordable now than ever.

It has become such a necessity to have a backup power source, generators are affordable enough for small businesses. The money you save by maintaining your business during a power outage can amount to the money you spend on the generator and service.

It will also increase the reputation of your business. As a company that is always available, you will be seen as a more trusted service for clients to work with.

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Northside Power is a certified Generac dealer. We’ve been in the generator business for over 20 years.