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Do You Need Home Generator Service Before Winter?

November 8, 2018

It’s already November – where did the year go? That means that winter weather and ice is just around the corner, and it’s important to make sure your family is safe and protected in your home.

Having a home generator is vital, whether you choose a portable or a standby generator. A standby is preferable because you don’t have to get it, place it safely, and get power cords connected when the weather is likely to be less-than-friendly. However, a portable generator is much better than not having one at all.

As winter approaches, it’s time to ask yourself – as your generator been serviced? Here’s how to know what you need before bad weather hits.


Clear the Area Around the Generator

For a generator to run properly, it has to have plenty of space around it. A standby home generator should have five feet of free space around it.

If you have a portable generator, you’ll want to plan in advance where you’ll set it up in an emergency. During bad weather or in the dark is not the time to be hunting for a clear, level space outside! Instead, find a good spot and protect that area throughout the winter.


Check the Fluids

There are three primary fluids that you’ll need to maintain to keep your home generator in good condition. They are fuel, oil, and coolant. Having a professional test the fluid levels and send samples for testing is a good idea each year.

Sampling and analyzing the fluids can help detect problems like sediment, water, or bacteria; it can also help detect if the coolant is breaking down. These steps can help you make changes before permanent damage is done to your generator.


Run a Load Test

Like any engine, a generator needs to be fired up periodically to ensure that it will work when you really need it. You can do this yourself for a portable generator, but for a standby whole-home system it’s best to have a professional run and test the system.


Because winter is an especially important time to have your generator ready to go, you may choose to have a system inspection before the weather gets bad. This tests everything about your home generator and allows you to make any minor repairs that are necessary.


Why Get Home Generator Service?

The point of a generator is to have the peace of mind that your home will be safe and warm even during bad weather. The only way to ensure this happens is to get home generator service now!


When you get regular maintenance, you save money. Minor problems are detected and fixed before they cause major damage, your generator lasts longer, and you have a smooth power transition during an outage.


Don’t discover a problem with your generator during a winter ice storm. Instead, contact us today to find out about our seasonal inspection options. You can even choose a preventative maintenance agreement that includes 24/7 monitoring and weekly generator tests!


We’re here to make sure you’re safe in the next storm. Let us help you with maintenance today!