Does my small business need a commercial standby generator?

January 18, 2018

Commercial standby generators are a lifesaver for small businesses. Power outages are a sure thing in Saline County and can become very costly for small businesses.

The investment you make in a commercial standby generator will pay for itself. Here are a few reasons why

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1. Guaranteed customer support.

If your small business deals with clients on a daily basis, it’s important for you to be available and operational when they need you.

During a major power outage in Little Rock—like during an ice storm—your customer service will stand out. Providing excellent service while the rest of the city lags behind.

2. No loss of data.

Data is everything in the world of small businesses today. For some, the smallest hiccup in data can have a major effect on the bottom line of their business. A professionally installed standby generator will guarantee your data’s safety during a power outage.

The guaranteed continued flow of data will also appeal to customers looking to work with a reliable business partner.

3. Productive work environment for employees.

Standby generators automatically activate as soon as the power goes out. There is no need to spend extra effort getting them up and going. This could be the difference between a missed opportunity or a great win for your business.  

Northside Power offers 24/7 monitoring. If your generator fails it’s weekly exercise, we’ll be out to fix it right away. We will also be notified if your standby generator fails during a power outage. Our team will be out to get your power back on as soon as possible.

4. Brand reliability.

Does your brand promote reliability and exceptional customer service? When clients are considering working with you, they will appreciate knowing that you will be operational when the power goes out.

That’s something your business can be proud of.