Why It’s a Good Idea To See The Generator Before You Buy

April 19, 2018

Northside Power has years of experience working with the best back up home generators.

If you are attending any kind of home and garden show in central Arkansas, you might run into a member of our team. We know how important landscaping is to home and business owners. Our team understands that a back up generator might be perceived as a threat to your beautiful gardening efforts.

This couldn’t be further from the truth. The display we bring to home and garden shows is a great way for us to show you what a quality home generator really looks like. This also helps our customers choose a home back up generator that will be best for the space they have allocated for it.

It is always a good idea to see the generator of your choice before you make a decision.


Consider the overall look of your landscaping. Are you a gardener taking great care of many different plants around the yard? A green color would blend the generator right into the foliage. Many homeowners with a back up generator incorporate lattice fences into their landscaping to hide their generator.

Do you have a low-maintenance yard? Choose a generator that will match the exterior of your home. Strategically placed, it will blend right in.

You don’t need to sacrifice the look of your yard to install the best home back up generators in Saline County. With a little creative thinking, your much needed generator will fit right in with your landscaping. You’d be surprised how many beautiful lawns feature some of the best home back up generators there are.


The most important observation we want our customers to make is how large or small the generator. Don’t buy a generator you’ve never seen before. It may not be the correct size for your yard.

At home and garden shows we have our latest models on display. Attendees can take a look at our selection of the best home back up generators in person. Instead of taking measurements from the website and trying to determine a good space for it—this is not a bad idea though.