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5 Tips For Using Towable Generators on Construction Site

July 19, 2018

Thanks to your towable generator, your construction site can safely and efficiently receive power to keep your equipment up and running.

Here are a few tips to make sure any towable generators you use during construction is safely operated.


1. Read the safety manual.

It might be an unreasonable number of pages long and just as thrilling to read as the “terms and conditions”, but it is important. At least one member of your crew on site should know the safety documentation. Even if it is just to summarize them for the rest of the crew that will operate the towable generator.

This documentation will detail how much power is safe to draw from the generator. It will also make sure the crew knows any warning signs to watch for.


2. Give the towable generator space.

Every time you move your generator, it needs to be moved to a space that allows enough room for the generator to operate. The safety documentation can detail exactly how much space will be needed. This space should include lots of ventilation since towable generators emit carbon monoxide.

It is often recommended that a portable carbon monoxide detector be used near the generator when it is operating.


3. Keep the generator away from water.

It is well known that electricity and water make a dangerous combination. Most modern towable generators have safety features to accommodate for splashes and humidity. However, even the most modern towable generator should not be placed anywhere near standing water.


4. Towable generators need to be secured on a level surface at all times.

What makes towable generators so great for construction crews? Towable generators may be frequently moved to accommodate for the electricity needs on your construction site. Moving a towable generator is so easy that your crew will need to take measures to ensure the generator doesn’t move on its own.


Keep your towable generator from rolling away by keeping it on a flat surface, wheels locked. You can also use wedges under the wheels for extra precaution.


5. Do preventative maintenance.

Preventative maintenance is important for all machinery. Your towable generator is no exception. Your generator will come with documentation for all the simple and even some more complicated tasks required to keep your generator safely up and running.

Just like a vehicle, it is important to check air filters, spark plugs, valves, and more.


At Northside Power we offer preventative maintenance for towable generators so your crew doesn’t have to use time and energy working on generators.