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4 Signs You Need Generator Repair

April 18, 2019

Is your generator working well or is it likely to fail the next time you need it? 

That can be an unnerving question, but it’s a very important one.

You never know when you’ll need your generator to provide vital power during a serious storm or even tornado. It’s essential to ensure your generator is in top shape during any emergency, and that means taking care of it before something happens.

Here are some signs that your generator might not be ready and you may need to invest in generator repair before the power goes out.


You Haven’t Done Regular Maintenance

The thing about routine maintenance is that it’s small and simple – and that makes it easy to put off or ignore. If you haven’t been keeping up with the recommended maintenance for your unit, it’s unlikely to work well for you in an emergency.

Have you been doing oil changes, startups, and fuel cleaning and filtering (if required)? If you aren’t sure, or you definitely know you haven’t, it’s time to get generator repair.

Fortunately, it’s not hard to get the help you need. Simply reach out to Northside Power for generator service and repair. We can schedule a time that works for you and take care of everything your unit needs.


Electrical Components are Worn

When you look at the generator, do you see any damage to the wires, buttons, or other electrical components? Check for loose connections, frayed wires, or buttons that stay stuck when pressed.

Worn electrical components happen to every unit over time, and it’s vital to schedule generator repair if your notice it. You don’t want accidental overloads to shut the generator down when you need it, and any electrical device with frayed wires is also a fire hazard.

A generator should be an aid in an emergency, not the cause of one!


Signs of Leaks

Over time a generator can start to leak oil, coolant, or even fuel. Look for wetness, dark spots, or any puddles around your generator unit. If you see a sign of a leak, don’t try to clean it up or diagnose it yourself. It’s too easy to be exposed to something that could be toxic to you or your family.

Instead, contact a generator repair specialist. We can come out and assess the situation. Our professionals know how to safely handle all leaks. We can also repair whatever caused the issue so that you can continue to use your generator going forward.


Trouble Starting Up

Doing test starts is an important part of generator maintenance. If you haven’t done one in quite some time, or you find that your unit struggles to start or stay on, it’s time to call for repair.

A lack of use over time can drain your generator’s battery or even damage other sections of the engine. If the problem is the battery, having it fixed right away to avoid damage to the engine.


Get Generator Repair From Northside Power

If your generator has signs of damage or hasn’t been maintained, you need top-level service from Northside Power. We can help fix whatever has gone wrong so that your generator will continue to provide the protection you deserve.

We also offer Preventative Maintenance Agreements and 24/7 monitoring to help keep your generator in top shape. Need generator repair? Contact us today.