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Why a Home Stand By Generator?

It's an average August day in central Arkansas the weather is quiet and hot, the high today is predicted to be 102 degrees. What where you doing on the 23rd of August 2011? Preparing to head out on the last summer vacation or Staying inside to avoid the heat? would you have made different plans if you knew that was the last day you would have power for 3 days? 

On December 24th of 2012 what where you doing? last minute Christmas shopping, planning the big holiday meal, on the road heading to relatives for the big New Year! What would you have been doing different if you knew that was the last day you would have power for 3 days, 5 days or more.
Today could be the last day you have power?

Stories like these occur all over the State of Arkansas and the surrounding areas, due to high winds, Ice, faulty transmission equipment, or just plain old simple humane error.

Don't be left wondering what your going to do for Heat, Air Conditioning, Refrigeration, lighting, or basic news information.

A Home Stand by Generator can solve all of those worries and frustrations. One call to Northside Power & Electric will provide a factory trained technician to your home to evaluate your power needs, provide a simple plan to install the correct size Home Stand by Generator, and put your mind at ease with a free no obligation proposal for the Cummins Onan or Generac generator of your choice.

Northside Power & Electric will provide all the trained personnel to install the gas plumbing, electrical connections, inspections and proper equipment start up to insure your new Home Stand by generator operates properly for years to come.

Cummins and Generac Home Standby Generators are fully automatic. They monitor your Utility power and at the first sign of trouble they spring into action. The engine starts and produces the necessary electric power you need. The Automatic Transfer Switch will disconnect your home from the Utility Company and reconnect a new power feed from your Home Stand By generator with out you doing anything.

Best of all they operate on Natural Gas or LP for convenience. The use of Natural Gas or LP fuels eliminate the need for refueling, burn cleaner with less emissions, and are less expensive than gasoline or diesel fuels.

So why do you need a Cummins Onan or Generac Home Stand by generator?

For your Safety, peace of mind, and convenience! Call today or email us so when the power is out tomorrow your life stays normal.
Be Smart, Be Safe and Be sure your generator was installed and inspected by a professional. Utility Line man have enough to worry about with out worrying about your generator!
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