4 Reasons Why Standby Generators Are Fun at Parties

Standby generators, commercial and domestic, are becoming increasingly more essential to business and homes around central Arkansas. However, backup power sources are not the most interesting topic to bring up at parties. In fact, over our 20 years of generator...

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Natural Gas or Liquid Propane?

There are no easy answers. The home generator you choose will depend on the unique needs of your home and those who are living in it. Some homeowners, due to their location, have specific needs when it comes to home generators. At Northside Power we have generators...

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Does my small business need a commercial standby generator?

Commercial standby generators are a lifesaver for small businesses. Power outages are a sure thing in Saline County and can become very costly for small businesses. The investment you make in a commercial standby generator will pay for itself. Here are a few reasons...

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3 Benefits of Having a Towable Generator

Whether it is caused by a major ice storm or a fallen power line, power outages are a reality for businesses in central Arkansas It’s not a matter of IF the power will fail, it’s better to plan for WHEN it fails. Depending on your business, a towable generator might...

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What Are Power Surges and How Can You Protect Your Appliances?

In today’s digitally run world, losing electricity, even for a moment, isn’t an option for most people. We want to protect our home from power outages, so shouldn’t we also protect our equipment from damaging surges? Most homes today contain an average of over $15,000...

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4 Reasons to Have a Home Standby Generator in Little Rock

Thinking of having a generator installed for your home or office building? Here are a few good reasons to invest in a home standby generator. Northside Power is Little Rock’s top Generac dealer. We install home standby generators for customers all over central...

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Are Generators on Your Wishlist?

Generators can mean a lot of things these days, but it usually describes a product that produces some sort of usable energy. That energy can be produced as steam or electricity, but in this case we’re talking about the latter. In today’s world it seems like we are...

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Why You Should Consider Home Standby Generators?

Home standby generators can be a breath of life in times of an emergency. Are you on the fence in possibly investing one for your home? As much as you want to prepare for the worst, sometimes it’s out of your control. It is difficult to predict times when you won’t...

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