Generac Generators | 4 Benefits For Your Small Business

Are you considering Generac generators for your small business? At Northside Power we’ve helped businesses all over central Arkansas keep their power on during power outages. Many business owners find that the cost of a generator is often returned through new clients,...

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Why It’s a Good Idea To See The Generator Before You Buy

Northside Power has years of experience working with the best back up home generators. If you are attending any kind of home and garden show in central Arkansas, you might run into a member of our team. We know how important landscaping is to home and business owners....

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Commercial Generators and Smart Home Technology

Smart homes are becoming more popular and more sophisticated. There is only one problem: what if the power goes out? While most smart technologies have backup plans to prevent problems during a power outage, it is still an inconvenience—and a potential safety risk—to...

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6 Severe Weather Facts Every Homeowner Should Know About

As our dependence on technology increases, so does the number of homes in America equipped with automatic transfer switch generators.   A power outage during a severe thunderstorm can be more dangerous to homeowners due to our reliance on electricity to communicate...

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4 Reasons Why Standby Generators Are Fun at Parties

Standby generators, commercial and domestic, are becoming increasingly more essential to business and homes around central Arkansas. However, backup power sources are not the most interesting topic to bring up at parties. In fact, over our 20 years of generator...

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Natural Gas or Liquid Propane?

There are no easy answers. The home generator you choose will depend on the unique needs of your home and those who are living in it. Some homeowners, due to their location, have specific needs when it comes to home generators. At Northside Power we have generators...

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Does my small business need a commercial standby generator?

Commercial standby generators are a lifesaver for small businesses. Power outages are a sure thing in Saline County and can become very costly for small businesses. The investment you make in a commercial standby generator will pay for itself. Here are a few reasons...

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3 Benefits of Having a Towable Generator

Whether it is caused by a major ice storm or a fallen power line, power outages are a reality for businesses in central Arkansas It’s not a matter of IF the power will fail, it’s better to plan for WHEN it fails. Depending on your business, a towable generator might...

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